Bull Market Media Offshore Staffing Solutions

Our offshore staffing solutions are geared to offering you flexibility and affording you the best option no matter what scope of your project or business objectives.

To facilitate this, we offer 2 types of service:

Dedicated Staff

Employee works 8 hours per day, 6 days per week, 4 weeks per month. Exclusively on your projects, at your disposal. You pay a low fixed rate per month. This option is perfect for those requiring constant business velocity and longer developmental projects.

General Staff | Web Developer | Creative Writer | Video Editor | Webmaster | Graphic Designer

Per Project

Individual design pieces, banners, one-off projects. This option is ideal for those requiring a one-time injection of skilled personnel to get a job done and a project off the ground!

Looking for a more customized solution, or would just like to talk to a representative?

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Offshore Staffing Solutions