Efficiency and cost effectivity in our outsourced offshore staffing solutions

Outsourcing and offshore staffing is becoming increasingly prevalent amongst I.T. based companies looking to maximize their competitive advantage. Many companies have looked into the possibility of moving operations to offshore jurisdictions but have discovered that establishing such entities is riddled with its own HR and logistical challenges.

Bull Market Media Inc. was established by a team of I.T. professionals from the United Kingdom who have already gone through the 'growing pains' of establishing offshore staffing operations. In fact, we've done it so well that we have increased our floor space so that we can duplicate and offer a complete turnkey solution for our growing clientele. In essence, we have office space WITH a pool of I.T. professionals waiting to carry out your projects!

In doing this, our organization benefits through the cost savings in duplication and it also offers you an exciting way to increase the leverage of your business, cost effectively!

Remote office equipped with state of the art technology and hardware!

Dedicated staff working 8hrs per day, 5 days per week, 4 weeks per month!

Dedicated supervisors making sure your projects stay on track!

Multiple Time zones align perfectly with your current operations!

An expanding pool of I.T. professionals at your disposal

I.T. Professionals Immediately Available
General Staff - General tasks such as customer support, data entry, word processing, online surveys and research, <read more>
Web Developer - PHP, JAVA, C++, AJAX, SMARTY, Flash Comm, web application scripting languages. <read more>
Creative Writer - Press releases, publications, blog writing, copy writing, articles, product descriptions <read more>
Video Editor - Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Studio, After Effect. Trailers, infomercials, commercials, main footage editing, special effects, watermarking, video conversions <read more>
Webmaster - HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver. Promotional pages, newsletter designs, link exchanges, basic website design, template designs, general webmastering tasks <read more>
Graphic Designer - Advanced website design, flash animations, animated banner ads, flash programming, corporate identity, brochures, promotional <read more>

The above skill sets emphasize specialization in respective areas. If you feel that you may benefit from a more customized solution, don't hesitate to contact us and we will get right back to you.

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